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                    We empower precision marketing.
                    WEDO China has developed the technology and platform that empowers marketers
                    to deliver 1-on-1 precision marketing to their customers.
                    AOWEN Big Data Marketing Automation Platform
                    Intelligent Marketing at Your Fingertips
                    Leading technology & Platform.
                    Data Integration
                    Data Mining and Application
                    Marketing Automation
                    Predictive Intelligence.
                    Deliver individually differentiated content.
                    Our team of analysts and experts uses sophisticated algorithms when developing the predictive
                    intelligence , marking it possible to automatically determine the most relevant offer , product , or content
                    for each customer and deliver it across channels
                    Marketing Automation.
                    Effectively manage your 1-on-1
                    customer journey with your brand.
                    Plan for their next course of action & engagement with decision triggers , automating
                    every step of your campaign,and reaching your customers
                    with exactly the right content at exactly the right time.
                    Experience Intelligent Marketing at Your Fingertips: Request A Demo