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                    Mobile Marketing
                    Professional Mobile Marketing Solutions
                    Mobile Commerce Solution
                    Your mobile application is the only as good as your strategy. WEDO's
                    mission is to make you engage with your customer,and make your
                    application become a mobile commerce windows.WEDO's strategists are
                    very experienced and simply know what works.WEDO have made it our
                    art to deliver hard hitting strategies that will surpass your expectations.
                    WEDO have a team of mobile commerce professionals who will
                    understand your requirements and develop a design EXACTLY as per your
                    expectations. WEDO has a full range of commerce applications and
                    development services to enhance business processes through the use of
                    the latest technologies. Right from requirements gathering to development
                    of mobile commerce applications, maintenance and testing our team
                    works with you as your technology partner.
                    WeChat Solution
                    Do you have an WeChat marketing strategy? If yes, let WEDO help
                    you by executing our expertise. if not, let WEDO devise
                    specialized WeChat marketing plans , This will not only offer
                    you a strong presence, but also create immense brand value
                    for your product which is absolutely necessary to
                    get an edge over your competitors.
                    WEDO can analyze WeChat platform data and provide a specific
                    integrated WeChat solution which helps to enrich customer services
                    and increase customer interaction. WEDO assure you 100%
                    effective WeChat marketing solutions which surely help you to meet
                    your marketing goals and gain a better market share, thus taking
                    your business to the farthest heights of success.
                    Baidu Direct Contact Solution
                    Baidu Direct Contact is a service account based on mobile search,
                    map, big data and personalized promotion for enterprise. It reaches
                    accuratetly to billions of mobile users and helps enterprise converse
                    users to customers in a high rate.
                    WEDO deliver compelling Baidu direct contact solutions. Our strategic
                    consultancy approach guarantees we bulid engaging relationships
                    between brands and their audiences. Moreover, WEDO provide users
                    management analysis report form diverse aspects. According to this,
                    brands extend customers' lifecycle and earn more benefits