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                    Company-wide Benefits
                    More than 500 experts
                    on various
                    industries Serving in
                    Car dealerships
                    increased 30% in
                    profitability after operating
                    More than 1000
                    successful cases
                    including CRM, O2O,
                    mobile/social marketing
                    and big data marketing
                    More effective
                    customer interactions
                    based on big data
                    We provide precision marketing solutions.
                    CRM Strategy
                    Designing integrated and innovative CRM solutions that drives
                    both marketing and business objectives
                    Mobile Marketing
                    The most intelligent and personalized
                    mobile/social marketing platform delivers
                    ground-breaking customer experience and cutting-edge thinking
                    form the former traditional marketing methodologies.
                    O2O SOLUTIONS
                    Advanced O2O platform and solution for various industries,
                    Empower your people with real-time,deeper insights into your
                    ever-changing customers.
                    We empower precision marketing
                    WEDO China empower Leading Technology & Platform to develop predictive Intelligence,
                    deliver individually differentiated content at exactly the right time
                    Effectively manage your 1-on-1 customer journey with your brand
                    Data Integration
                    Data Mining and Application
                    Marketing Automation
                    Loved by Many
                    WEDO's solution already has many satisfied users and is deployed across various Global 50 organizations.
                    Some of our happy customers include:
                    BMW , SHANGHAI GM , LAND ROVER , CHRYSLER , SHELL and FRISO.