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                    About Us
                    Shanghai WEDO constantly challenge and stay at the forefront in the realm of marketing.
                    BIG DATA . CRM . O2O . MOBILE MARKETING
                    Founded in 2009, Shanghai WEDO Consulting Co., Ltd focuses on providing cutting-edge CRM solutions
                    to brands in the market. Over the years. it's an era when mobile internet and data technology have
                    overthrown traditional strategies of information technology and corporate maketing.
                    WEDO, as the leading CRM company in China, creates successful cases with our top talents in
                    China and overseas, and our proprietatry cutting-edge big data, mobile internet and O2O CRM
                    platform. With globally elite brands as our partners, WEDO has implemented the most effective
                    cases in the industry, and is always exploring new frontiers.
                    BIG DATA MARKETING
                    While WEDO provides expertise and consultation services, AOWEN’s team of experts has developed platforms that empower
                    brands to deliver intelligent, automated and complete marketing solutions for their customers in today's Big Data era.
                    Through this sharing of knowledge and resources, WEDO & AOWEN has successfully raised the level of industry expertise and
                    experience to a whole new level for customers.
                    Visit our AOWEN website to learn more about big data marketing services.